Introducing...Rain Dance Ruby

Ruby came to Foster Farm from the MN Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation specifically to
compete in the 2011 Challenge of the Unwanted Horse (a.k.a. Trainer's Challenge). She is a
coming eight year-old Saddlebred mare who came from a breeding farm that had a good number
of horses confiscated due to neglect. Her role while at Foster Farm will be to learn as much as
she can, as fast as she can. In the past Natalie has successfully taught her Trainer's Challenge
horses how to long line, ride, drive, show halter, show under saddle, and overall just be great
horses, so Ruby has a lot to live up to. She has started working and the team is working through
the tough areas so she will be the perfect horse for a proud new owner in August.
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Ruby competed in the 2011 Trainer's Challenge successfully and gained two sixth place ribbons;
one in the Halter Fitness class and the other in the Trail class.

See more about Ruby and the Trainer's Challenge

Week 1: Learning about the bridle and what the bit pressure feels like.

Week 4:  Learning about the saddle and what it feels like.

First hair cut was a success!

Riding has been a success too!

Challenge Time! Ruby did her best at the Challenge and placed sixth in both the Halter Fitness
and Trail Classes. See some pictures of her at the event below.

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